1.Introduction to amazon affiliate marketing|affiliate marketing program|search engine optimization

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Our Amazon Affiliate marketing course is well designed in a precise manner to understand our subscribers. We implement everything in a such way subscriber starts earning money online, when he starts this course. Affiliate marketing patterns are given below here:
1.Amazon affiliate marketing
2.How to choose a niche for your amazon affiliate site
3.Silo architecture – see how silos are designed and built. Silos can help you rank any type of site a lot better in Google
4.Exactly how to choose domain names that are not penalized. Unless you know how to do this right, it’s possible that your site will not perform well in Google
5.Designing your WordPress site – how making your website look really pretty, decrease bounce rate and perform well
6.SEO 101 – basics of search engine optimization
7.Advanced on page SEO – This is how you can make your affiliate marketing website rank higher in the Google SERPs
8.Link building tips – see how you can build links to your site
9.Building sites in amazon niches that pay higher commissions
10.See top keyword research tools in action
11.Build amazon affiliate sites that earn commissions every month from free search engine traffic
12.Very detailed tutorials on how doing keyword research – and find keywords low competition that will rank in Google’s top 10 with minimal external backlinks
13.How to plan, design and build niche sites
14.Building a WordPress website – you get to see exactly how to use WordPress to build affiliate marketing sites
15.Implementing silos in WordPress
16.A look at the important SEO factors and how they can help your affiliate site rank higher in Google
17.Site speed: Making your site load fast. See exactly how to optimize your WordPress site for speed
18.The real “secret” to ranking high in Google – this is what really matters
19.Detailed, step by step worked examples – see how the entire process is performed
20.Advanced keyword research

Our Amazon Affiliate Marketing Course:
1 Introduction to amazon affiliate marketing
2 Niche Research
3 Majority of beginners to affiliate marketing
4 Worked examples – seasonality and trends
5 Another frequently overlooked factor
6 Using Google AdWords Keyword Planner for niche research
7 Using to generate niche ideas
8 Mining eBay and Alibaba for niche ideas
9 Using magazines to generate great ideas for amazon affiliate sites
10 Use popular movies and athletes to generate awesome niche ideas
11 Use this site to generate 100s of niche ideas in less than 5 minutes
12 No one is talking about this method
13 Niche ideas for amazon sites from late night TV infomercials
14 Do this to generate scores of great niche ideas in minutes
15 More idea joggers
16 Niche research – worked example 1 – golf balls
17 Niche research – worked example 2 – belt buckles
18 Niche research – worked example 3 – knives v’s knife set
19 Niche research – worked example 4 – barbie toys
20 Niche research – worked example 5 – snow blowers
21 Niche Research – Conclusion
22 Keyword Research
23 The online buying process
24 The most important distinction you’ll want to learn
25 Estimating CI
26 Best keyword types for amazon affiliate sites
27 Why focus on Google
28 The tools we use for keyword research
29 Keyword difficulty
30 Keyword difficulty – caveat
31 SEMrush The 1 tool for high speed keyword research
32 Using SEMrush to generate 1000s of niche ideas in less than 10 minutes
33 Ideal keyword parameters
34 Misconceptions about search volume
35 Worked examples easy keywords
36 Worked examples – medium difficulty keywords
37 Worked examples – easy, medium and hard keywords
38 Competitor and keyword research with SEMrush keyword revealer
39 Swiping great keywords from and other big e-commerce sites
40 Swiping fantastic keywords from manufacturers’ sites & many more.

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