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Eight Tools to Increase Your Digital Literacy as an Entrepreneur

To be an entrepreneur today is quite a challenge but rewarding. But, remember that challenges exist to make one a better version of themselves. This truth is complex and generally applicable to everyone.

Entrepreneurs are now in the digital period. As an entrepreneur, you have to adapt to digital developments and increase your digital literacy. What is digital literacy?

What is Digital Literacy

Digital literacy or sometimes referred to as digital knowledge is the ability of a person to adapt and apply the most recent technology advancement. For example, instead of the traditional sending of letters (telegram, mailboxes), a digitally literate person may opt into electronic mailing, SMS, and even chats.

The same is true for business owners. How? In the past, crews in a restaurant take orders through a piece of paper and a pen. Now, orders are taken through the Point of Sale machines (POS), which are more efficient and faster.

How can you improve your digital literacy as an entrepreneur? Let us discuss eight tools that can help you.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

Most businesses today man their websites to promote their global and local presence. However, ranking at least on the first page of a search engine result can be tricky. Search engines have algorithms that dictate the results after a typed search.

With this in mind, you might need Ahrefs, SurferSEO, YoastSEO, and other related tools that help boost a website’s presence over the internet. Providers of software development services acknowledge the importance of SEO to every website.

2. Google Drive

Entrepreneurs need a space to store essential files. With Google Drive, entrepreneurs can collaborate with their team members, share files efficiently, and work simultaneously. Since Google Drive is a cloud storage app, it can be accessed remotely whenever the internet is present.

Google Drive can increase your digital literacy by exposing you to new ways of handling files, documents, and other significant data by your business. No doubt, having an account in Google Drive will help in the whole team’s efficiency.

3. Trello application

The Trello application is a time and task management software designed to help entrepreneurs manage and use their time more practically. If your business is involved in content production, data management, and receiving assignments per task, Trello is a great tool.

The more you engage yourself in the Trello app, the more you’ll understand the correlation of deadlines and assigning the proper individual to work on each task.

4. Skype

One of the old communication tools which many entrepreneurs have used throughout the years is Skype. It combines video, call, and messaging functions in one. It helps conduct meetings with overseas clients and team members working remotely, especially during the pandemic.

Skype will increase your digital literacy by allowing you to explore communication tools more than you do in a personal manner. Indeed, old tools proved to be as valuable as the new ones that we have today.

5. Slack

If you are tired of opening different mailing accounts, perhaps it is time to merge these into a beautifully designed app. Your mails are accessible if you synchronize the Slack app to all your accounts.

The Slack app’s simple design allows new users to learn and master the platform quickly. An app with a user-friendly platform often achieves success and prefers to be utilized by users.

6. YouTube

It is a social media platform where you can watch videos – informative, tutorials, tips, how-tos, and anything under the sun topics. If you are looking for the best way to improve your digital literacy, then YouTube is the best place to get a boost.

Over the years, users of YouTube are increasing. Business owners and entrepreneurs can watch hundreds of business-related videos on the site to manage a particular business.

7. Emails

These are modern letters. Emails replaced the traditional way of communication. You can send a bulk of emails a day to no matter how many individuals. You do not have to worry about the transmittal time because emails are sent in real-time and immediately received. The recipient can acknowledge the email anytime he desires.

To increase your digital literacy, why not try sending an email today? Perhaps a message for your loved one, a friend, or a team player in your business. Indeed, communication plays a valuable part in business management.

8. Facebook

Yes, the Facebook app can help in increasing your digital literacy as an entrepreneur. The platform allows users to put campaigns for their business, run promotions, brand awareness, and several business-related functions.

Indeed, Facebook can help a business reach potential clients while increasing the number of people who know about the business. Being active in social media will surely help you convert leads to sales, generating revenue for your business.

Of course, learning is a continuous process. Being old does not mean you can no longer train, acquire, and adapt to the advancements in technology. Here are some of the things you need to improve more on your digital knowledge.

● Accept assistance. People in their younger years are more immersed in technology. Seeking help from them is never a sign of inferiority.

● Learn and apply. To retain the skills acquired, you need to use them in your day-to-day business life. This action will help you improve more and observe how you can use the tools effectively.

● Connect to tech-inclined people. To sharpen your skills, you need to associate yourself with people who share the same zeal as you. Better yet to connect with people who manage their businesses well using advanced tools in technology. Spending a day or two will surely increase your digital literacy.

● Keep on learning. Indeed, learning has no end. Read books, buy the latest gadget, listen to podcasts, watch videos of success stories, and keep learning.

Yes, as we dive deeper into this modern era, we will get to see more of the benefits of evolving technology. Either way, we have to use these tools to improve our quality of life and existence.

Jenna Walter

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