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KeySearch Review: An Affordable SEO Tool That Offers A Lot Of Value

KeySearch is a SEO tool that packs a lot of punch for an affordable price. This is a general overview of the tool that will help you decide whether it is an option for you to improve your SEO efforts and gain more traffic.

In this video you will find the following:

1. Keyword Research overview – what it is and how it works to deliver many keyword options for you to consider.
2. URL metrics for your competitors or your own website to see how you doing in terms of authority
3. Competition Analysis to learn more about your competitors and what data you can get to help you improve your optimization
4. Rank Tracking that helps you see where your keywords are ranking daily
5. Content Assistant that helps you write better optimized content and gives you ideas for improving it based on what people are searching for.

You can view the full review post and find some tutorial videos on our website at

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