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13th July News | Edukemy's Gazette- Newsletter for UPSC | Daily Current affairs for UPSC Aspirants

13th July Current Affairs | Daily Current Affairs for UPSC CSE Aspirants
Edukemy’s Daily Gazette- Newsletter for UPSC Aspirants is a comprehensive Daily Newsletter with complete coverage of Current Affairs specially curated from all the important resources and linkage with background/static part of the article to learn application based answer writing in the exam.
Gazette is accessible to every reader for FREE. One can also read Gazette from the Edukemy website after registering.
We have a separate and special coverage video for Featured Article which will be discussed in-depth for better understanding.
Gazette- Newsletter for UPSC consists of 6 Segments: Careful and Balanced Selection of Articles for each segment

2) News Snapshot- understanding of why a particular topic is in the News
3) Terms and Concepts- Focused on UPSC Prelims Exam
4) Editorial of the day – To build perspective around important themes requiring opinion
5) Case Study- Helps you in answer writing, governance/ethics/culture, etc.
6) Image of the Day
7) This Day in History

While Watching the video-
1) First download the Gazette
2) Highlight the keywords/terms- highlighting will help you build quick notes, memorize and revise

Gazette is released 5 days in a week (Monday-Friday) on the Edukemy website in the Gazette section with complete coverage of all the relevant information of the week.

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