Keyword Golden Ratio

Keyword Golden Ratio with Keywords Everywhere (Free Research Tool)

These keywords can often be ranked in the top 10 in less than a month if you follow the formula.

This Golden Ratio is going to be your ticket to get fast results and that’s very important when you are getting started on your site.

The Keyword Golden Ratio must be less than 0.25.

The ratio is this…

The number of Google results that have the keyword phrase in the title divided by the local monthly search volume, where the LMS is less than 250.

If the KGR is less than 0.25, then you should rank in the top 100 when your page is indexed.

You should still rank in the top 250 when the KGR is between 0.25 and 1. And it should be pretty fast.

Here is the free sheet (in Google Docs):

KGR SUCCESS Stories — Watch these to be inspired.

Why 250 in the KGR? Learn why here:


Learn more about the Keyword Golden Ratio here:

16+ examples of Amazon Affiliate Sites (with 15,000 keywords):
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Learn more about the KGR Here:

I found a great KW but the volume is over 250, should I still write a post?

Free Masterclass on the KGR:

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