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Why KGR Keywords Are A Waste Of Time – A Breakdown Of The Flaws Of Keyword Golden Ratio In 2020!

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In this video, I go over why I think that the KGR or Keyword Golden Ratio method of keyword research is a total waste of time and effort in 2020 and can cause people to waste their time on high competition keywords that they will never rank for. KGR keywords are based around a dated technique and although I used to use a similar keyword research method myself a few years back the allintitle modifier does not work as well as it once did due to Google having a much better understanding of searcher intent when using their search engine.

This is why the keyword golden ratio method can result in a ton, if not a majority of false positives when used. I go through a bunch of example keywords in the video that are compliment to the KGR method but are actually high competition and the average blogger has no chance of ranking for them anytime soon.

Although you can try a few KGR keywords on your blog if you are new and just getting started, I would not recommend that you use more than 25 to minimize the amount of time that you risk wasting. If your test results in keywords ranking in Google and actually pulling you traffic from the search engine then you can scale up. If the KGR keyword test batch fails, does not rank, and does not pull and traffic to your blog then you have not wasted much time on the test and you can move on to another keyword research method.

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