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How to use Jungle Scout for Amazon Product Research – Jungle Scout Tutorial for Amazon FBA in Urdu

Amazon Product Hunting UK Criteria (Private Label)

High Demand & Low Competition
If all the 14 points meets the product criteria then it means demand is high and it is easier to rank than other products out there with high competition.
When we say to check number of FBA sellers in top 10 – it is a way to look at competition and the number of competitors in total to analyse if this will be the right market for us to dive into. The number of competitors can reasonably be compared with the depth of the river.

The more the competitors, the more the depth of the river and more chances for your product to drown. So your product would have to swim more in order to come to the surface level for visibility.

Keyword Search Volume
There are several tools that are out there which share different types of data while showing keywords. We always recommend our readers to use ‘authentic’ tools and advise them to investigate how different tools are acquiring their data, however Helium 10 and JS , VL are most treatable one for now.

The product that we select should not be a hot selling item for just one season or is in demand once a year. The product demand trend can easily be checked using Google Trends by punching in the product keywords. Products with low seasonality will first of all be unpredictable wrt their sales and secondly will only deliver for a specific duration. So, it’s a no go area for the new sellers especially because it will only be a battleground for factories or whole sellers in these categories.

So one of the criteria in 12 checks the keyword fluctuation should be above 2500 which will then prove that the trends are normal throughout the year.

Product Title
You need to make sure the results which are pulling through against your keyword are relevant and the main keyword is in the title as covered up in the criteria.

Revenue Consistency
This is one of the MOST important factor to look at!

The average revenue for the targeted product niche should be more than £8,000 for top 10 sellers. if that is not meeting then you should see across EUROPE because your UK account is for Whole Europe where your product can be enable under PAN European so if total £8k revenue is consistent through PAN European then still its viable. This is an indication of the sales volume, the total market in terms of the product is currently operating within Europe.

The bigger the cake, the bigger a slice that can be cut and the bigger the bite you can take

Reviews constitute social proof, the more the merrier. Why is the number of reviews critical after all? First of all, everyone knows that Amazon has laid a strict hand on reviews lately and that raising reviews is one the difficult job itself. Unless you are glued up to a product and that you have ample time & money on you.

Light Weight
Our advice is to choose a product which is of less than 1 pound weight and does not have extraordinary dimensions so you can avoid heavy commissions from Amazon + Shipping Fees from your supplier.

Seller’s Rank
Although no one except Amazon truly knows exactly how the seller’s rank is calculated but based on experience, we can define it as a number that denotes the popularity of a product within its category. Highest the BSR of the product, higher the sales volume. We will upload BSR ranges of UK in Private Label Boot Camp Facebook Group.

You MUST avoid as your first product.

· Reviews = 1,000
· Amazon, Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM), Brands
· Fragile, Glass, Ceramics Products
· Products with Multi Parts, Chess, Letter Board
· Gated Items
· Electronics & Battery Items
· Patents & Legal Issues

Please note this Video is VERY high level for your understand what to look as a starting point but you must see the results in other tools as I pointed out rather than just relaying on one rule. (we can be little flexible for few items in the criteria depending on how other points are meeting the needs as mentioned)

Ideally what would you need is to create a sheet based on this criteria and fill it to see where does it match the full criteria and then shortlist further for profit margins, sourcing etc before putting it through for mentors approval.

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