Keyword research

Keyword Research SEO Tools Using Django + Python

It was a SEO tool for keyword research which was made using Django & Python and Google Search Console API. The requirements are mentioned bellow.

1. It must be possible to connect different GSC accounts through the Web UI.
2. Google Search Console: find keyword with the highest clicks and impressions. In both cases we were average position 2-3
3. Let the user choose from the found keywords. Show the available keywords similar like the view in GSC. Including the filter option mentioned in step 1
4. Google the choosen keyword and open all 10 pages. Note the headings.
5. Dump them all into a database, filter by tags.
6. Result is an overview with the chosen keyword and the headings of the competitors (first 10 results of the SERPS). Option to export that as Google Sheet or CSV.

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