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SaaS SEO: How to do intent-based keyword research in the right way?

SaaS SEO: How to do intent-based keyword research in the right way?

If you do not perform intent-based keyword research, you are wasting your time.

Also, did you know only SaaS companies perform intent-based keyword research?

So what’s all the hype about and how to perform intent-based keyword research in the right way?

I sat down with @kamaraj from @kissflow to talk to me about this topic

I drilled him with the following questions

– What is intent-based keyword research?
– How to do intent-based keywords research?
– How to segment intent-based keywords?
– Best tools to use to do keyword research and tools to spy on your competitors
– What type of content to create for your funnel based on intent keywords?
– What is that one important factor that will help to rank for highly competitive keywords?
– Career advice for digital marketing freshers
– How to get started as a digital marketer
– What online courses to do as a digital marketer
– How to find a job as a digital marketing fresher
– Should digital marketers/SEO experts be good writers?
– And so much more

If you are someone who’s looking to go all-in on keyword research, you should watch this video first.

Reach out to Kamaraj on LinkedIn:

Tools mentioned in this video:
Google Keyword Planner
Also, make use of Google SERPs – Google highlights relevant or sematic terms in SERPs itself and take the ‘People also ask for’ category.

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