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Mindfulness Dialogue – a Master Leader Program event with Lisa Firer and Sheldon Burroughs

The Master Leader Program recently hosted a Live Mindfulness Dialogue Webinar with Faculty Member, Lisa Firer and Community Integrator and Assessment Co-ordinator, Sheldon Burroughs.

Mindfulness practice provides us with the tools to cultivate the capacity and resilience required to navigate Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) times.

This doesn’t change the challenges we face, but allows us to see situations with more clarity, manage our fears and anxieties, and rebound from stressful situations more easily, without becoming overwhelmed and burnt out.

Scientific research is increasingly linking mindfulness practice to leadership, resulting in more institutions including mindfulness practice into the core curricula of their Leadership Development Programs. With this in mind, we explored the (not so) surprisingly close alignment between mindfulness practice and longstanding management models.

For example:
Servant Leadership calls on competencies of Listening – Empathy – Healing – Awareness – Persuasion – Conceptualisation – Foresight – Stewardship – Commitment to Growth – Community Building.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction relies on Curiosity – Non-judging – Patience – Beginners Mind – Trust – Non-striving – Acceptance, Letting Go – Kindness – Curiosity.

Not only do todays’ leaders grapple with their own needs and challenges, they need supportive tools and practices to provide conscious leadership to others.

Leading into the future requires leaders to development of meta-competencies, take ownership and responsibility, align values and behaviours, and make a contribution to society.

Mindfulness practice is a powerful tool to direct our attention and focus, leading to clarity, creativity, kindness, compassion, patience and grounding, all in the face of uncertainty. By allowing reality to unfold, without expectation or judgement, leaders are better able to suspend judgement, hold multiple perspectives with compassion, embrace diversity of thought, and respond with insight.

These are the leaders of the future!

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