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SEO Tips And Mistakes To Avoid

SEO Tips And Mistakes To Avoid

1. Keep your content relevant and up to date

2. Content spinning- use your own words when writing and keep things interesting.

3. Get the Meta Description right, this is most important to boost your posts. Your description is your first impression. Make it stand out. Keep within recommended character count of 160

4. Using Keywords correctly- Improve SEO by building your content around keywords that are relevant to what is searched. This improves ranking and clicks. This is where keyword research comes in handy. Jaaxy and keywords everywhere are great tools.
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Key is to avoid short tail keywords. Search engines prefer long tailed words and low competitive keywords.

5. Don’t do keyword stuffing with your content. The search engines will see this as spam, and your content will not rank. Quality and low competition is what you want.

6. Avoid Producing content that is off point – Keep your content relevant with specific keywords. The information has to be useful to the search terms of the user.

7. Neglecting use of internal links- Internal links make navigation easier for your readers. Makes your site user friendly. Also, helps to avoid making your content stuffed.

8. Not optimizing images for SEO- Images and videos on your website are very helpful. Be sure to use keywords with titles for videos and images.

9. Not using title tags that are unique- Title tags are important. The title of your content’s link is what’s important. When sharing to social media, the title tag is what sells. Want the title to be descriptive and eye catching.

10. Not using anchor texts for internal links- Embed internal links- words within content that has a link you can click on.Basically a Call to Action in your post, make it descriptive. Avoid embedding links with irrelevant keywords because it is just too clickbait.

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