OmniChannel Marketing Applications

Omnichannel marketing is the next dimension in comprehensive brand marketing. In this session, Ron Weber, Chief Operating Officer at Trinet Internet Solutions, will explain how omnichannel marketing can impact your business and help you reach more prospects. Learn how and why this seamless, consistent voice and cohesive brand message can generate better results.
1. Understand the definition of omnichannel marketing.
2. Review examples of omnichannel marketing.
3. Learn how to prepare for omnichannel marketing strategies.

Mr. Weber is the Chief Operating Officer at Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc., a digital marketing firm with main offices in Irvine, California. Trinet has a twenty-five year track record of developing advanced and successful digital media experiences including digital advertising, websites, webinars, and streaming media designed specifically for high business impact. Trinet’s clients include Whole Foods Market, Sony, Toyota and many others. Ron’s passion is to share how businesses can be more successful using digital techniques and strategies.

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