SEOquake extension by SEMRush A Powerful SEO Tool for SEO Beginners

SEOquake extension by SEMRush is a Powerful SEO Tool for SEO Beginners

What is the SEOquake Extension?

The SEOquake extension by SEMRush is a powerful SEO tool for SEO beginners even for professionals too. This session has been recorded in Urdu/Hindi for Urdu/Hindi speaking audience. The SEOquake extension can easily be installed on google chrome, firefox, Opera, Safari, even on iPhone and Ipad.

After installing this free plugin, it provides promptly precise information on every website on the resulting page of google. This set of information available beneath every page appeared on the first page of results by any search engine such as yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Google, Alexa, and Baidu. I have used this plugin or extension for my chrome bar. This information is related to:
Backlinks, also Link Domain
Ranking on Alexa, Bing, etc.
Advertisers Display Ads
Pub Display Ads

If interested to walk through in detail, click any of the website or the one that considers being the competitor. Then click on SEQquake icon on the toolbar, a popup is open which showing a menu bar with following titles
Page Info,
Internal links, showing both Do follows and No follows in the breakup
External Links, showing both Do follows and No follows in the breakup
Compare URLs/Domain

In this video, every element of the menus has been explained in a little bit detail for more understanding.

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