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The Most Useful Google Analytics Reports: My Top 6 GA Reports

I’ll reveal the 6 most useful Google Analytics reports. With these reports, you’ll be able to get actionable insights, that you can apply on your website and drastically improve it.

I’ll show you my four top standard reports and 2 awesome custom reports in GA, to dig deeper into the data. We will cover the standard reports first and then custom reports, and I threw in a little bonus for people that have an e-commerce website.

I’ll be using Google’s Demo account to show you the reports, and this data is actually coming from Google’s merchandise website, so the data is real people!

I’ll be referring to some e-commerce metrics in this video but this video is useful to you even if you have a blog or business website.

In my opinion, best Google Analytics Reports to take your website tracking to the next level:

1. Channels Report: 00:57
2. Device Category Report: 02:55
3. Mobile Performance Report: 04:10
4. Landing Pages Report: 05:36
5. Hours & Days Report: 06:35
6. Browser Report: 07:58
+ Checkout Behaviour Report: 09:11

Google Demo Account:
Measure School Channels Report:
Hours & Days report:
Browser Report:

Enhanced Ecommerce:

My website setup recommendations:

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