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Web-based tools – built with Eclipse (only) | ECD Tool Time | Maximillian Koegel

Are you looking to build a web-based IDE, a modeling tool or a domain-specific tool? Do you need domain-specific editors, diagrams, textual DSLs, code generators or graphical visualizations? Do you want to learn about current best practices and technologies available from the Eclipse ecosystem to support your project? Then join this talk, see the solutions in action and try it yourself!

The Eclipse cloud development tools ecosystem has grown rapidly over the last few years and provides an extensive and stable basis for the implementation of cloud-based tools in any domain. However, new adopters are usually confronted with many open questions, such as:

Which frameworks and what technologies are available and how can they support a cloud-based tool project?
How can those technologies be combined and integrated into a consistent tool chain?
How can legacy desktop tool components be reused or migrated into a cloud context?

In this talk, we aim to answer these questions along with an example tool that we have built for demonstration and documentation purposes. This demonstrator tool includes a broad set of typical features including a diagram editor, a form-based editor, textual DSL, a code generator, an analysis component and a graphical visualization – all integrated into a web-based tool environment.
Feature by feature, we discuss the technology selection, we explain the design and implementation, best practices and of course we show the tool in action. The tool is fully based on Eclipse open source technologies including Eclipse Theia, Eclipse Che, GLSP, Sprotty, EMF.cloud and Xtext. Since we cannot go fully into detail about all bits and pieces in a single talk, we intend to provide pointers to respective documentation and other talks at the conference. Even better, the source code of the demonstrator tool is available to everyone and hosted at Eclipse, so attendees can check the sources after the talk to get a good jump start for their own tool development project.

Last but not least, as a special treat, we’ll add a scoop of interactivity to this talk by making the demonstrator tool available online to all attendees. You will get a link to try all tool features in your browser yourself while we demonstrate them during the talk!

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